2016 Spring Concert - "Songs to Inspire"

by West Covina High School Choral Department

Dear Audience Member,

Welcome to our 2016 Spring Concert - Songs to Inspire! 

Tonight the students and I hope to inspire and change your life in some small (or big) way! This whole semester we have been discovering what it means as choir members to sing more than just the notes and rhythms on the page, and instead, to really sing the music. To allow the music to speak to us and those to whom we are singing. To give the music the space and ability to grow and change in the moment of its life; to come off the page with great depth and perspective.

Music has always been a source of inspiration that stretches across boundaries and languages. Our hope tonight is that you are able to sit in the audience with an open mind, open heart and open ears in order to hear the music fully and experience these choirs singing more than just notes. Be willing to allow this music to speak deep into your being and inspire change. The students of the Choral Department, and myself, wish to bless you tonight with this musical experience and we hope that you will enjoy every moment. 

 Warm Regards,

Tyler Wigglesworth
Choir Director
Choral Department
West Covina High School