May Newsletter

On Being a Booster Parent

Sandra Martinez, Booster Board Vice-President

This is the first year that I have been a booster parent. And I

have really enjoyed it. I thought that with my job and the

activities of my other children, it would be difficult, but on the

contrary, I am a part of a wonderful team of parents who all

have the same goal; to help and support our choir.

What I like the most, is that I am a part of my daughters

choir experience, I make things easier for them at concerts

and I help raise money so that they can do things such as

attend workshops, travel, and be well rounded musicians. I

truly feel that by contributing my time I am making a

difference. So I would like to invite you to join our team. We

would love to work together with you to make the coming year

the best year ever for our choir.


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April Newsletter

Why the Change?

Tyler Wigglesworth, Choral Director

Ever since I came to West Covina High School’s Choral Department back in 2013, we have continued in the routine of having Parent Booster Meetings on a monthly basis. However, I have noticed recently that not many parents have been able to attend these meetings. While there have been a few faithful attendees, the main purpose of these meetings is to make sure all parents know what’s going on in the Department. Because the monthly meeting route has not been effective in doing that, I wanted to try a different approach. I had spoken with many of my colleagues in local bands, and choir programs and one thing I noticed them doing was using a monthly newsletter to keep the parents informed, rather than a monthly meeting. So, over the remaining two months of this academic school year we are going to try this method of keeping you all updated and we would love to hear your feedback! As a note: if there came a time where we needed to take a vote that would require parent votes, then we would set up a way to vote online so we can keep on in this idea of making life easier for you. We hope this will prove to be useful for you! 

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Support The West Covina High School Choral Department


Do you love music? Help us raise $8,500. Help the West Covina High School Choral Department spread the love of music throughout California! On April 11th the West Covina High School Women's Chamber Choir along with the Wescovaires will be embarking on a one week performance tour to San Francisco. 

Along the way we will be making performance stops in Santa Barbara and Monterey.

Appx. 58 students in all will be going and we only need $8,500.00 more to cover expenses. We've already raised over $15,000!

We need to hear from you, so others can hear from us.

Please donate at:

If you have any questions please contact:


Tyler Wigglesworth