The following are excused absences for choir concerts and after school rehearsals: 

  • Sudden severe illness (not a cold!) 
  • Death in family or funeral 
  • Court appearances
  • Religious holidays

Students who miss after school rehearsals or concerts for these reasons will need to give Mr. 

Wigglesworth a note from parents within one week of the after school rehearsal or concert. 

They will be excused, but will need to complete a 4 page paper (as assigned by Mr. 



The following are unexcused absences:

  • Transportation problems 
  • Religious youth group, service or event
  • Family plans, vacations, parties, reunions 
  • Minor illness 
  • Athletic or cheer games or practices 
  • Other group's rehearsals or concerts 
  • Voice or dance lesson 
  • Suspension from school or other discipline 

Students absent from an after school rehearsal or concert for any of the above reasons or any

other unexcused absence will need to give Mr. Wigglesworth a note from parents within one 

week of the after school rehearsal or concert, and they will need to submit a 5 page paper (as 

assigned by Mr. Wigglesworth). 


**All attendance policies will also apply to any extra out of school gigs for Wescovaires or 

Chamber Choir.