Dear Choir Students and Parents, 

It is my pleasure to serve you as your choral music teacher at West Covina High School. I look forward to making great music with you this year. I congratulate you on your decision to join one of the choirs we have at West Covina High School. I know it is a decision that you will find very rewarding and a great deal of fun! Choir allows you to develop a love for music that will offer an opportunity to develop your own musicianship as well as offering a chance for social and personal development based on teamwork and professionalism. It is up to each individual student to bring their personal best to each ensemble to create a tradition of excellence here at West Covina.

As a Music Education major at Biola University, I studied a vast and diverse array of musical genres and forms and my education within both the Conservatory and the Education department have provided me with the knowledge and tools needed to be a passionate and effective music educator. I have a great deal of experience in leading and teaching vocal and instrumental ensembles and have gained a lot of knowledge as I have observed and worked with many of the best High School and College Choral Directors in Southern California.

During my time at Biola University, I was challenged in many different ways. Coming in as a freshman, I had not learned a lot of the basic concepts and skills that most other students had; college was a place for accelerated and deep-rooted growth for me. Because of my late start, although it proved to be good, and because of my great love for music, I have a profound desire to provide high school students with the foundation and skills they need to grow and succeed musically and to hopefully instill my same passion in this area.

Music is far more than just notes on a page; it is a discipline that affects every part of our lives. To be a great musician, one must have qualities such as loyalty, discipline, courage, and leadership. It is my desire and hope not only to teach my students how to be great musicians and to pass on a love for music, but also to more broadly help them become good human beings who care about and embody the qualities I mentioned above.

Welcome to the West Covina Choral Family!



Mr. Tyler Wigglesworth


Choir Director

West Covina High School

1-626-859-2900 ext.2949