As I sit here in my office after successful graduation last night I can't help but take time to reflect on the many accomplishments of the students in the West Covina High School Choral Department this year. We've come so far and it has been amazing to see the development and growth in each and every student and ensemble. From our very successful concert series: fall concert – new beginnings, winter concert – sounds of the season, spring concert, yes concert – the music of Disney; to our performance tour to San Francisco, the students in the cold apartment have risen to every level of expectation that I have put before them. I could not be more proud of the department and could not be more overwhelmed with joy due to the fact that I get to work with each and everyone of these amazing students on a daily basis. 

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Many students in the Choral Department this year graduated and to them I say thank you. Thank you for your service to the Choral Department and your leadership to those who will come after you. Seniors we can always look back to the many adventures we have had in the Choral Department this year but now it is your opportunity to look forward to the many adventures you get to take on your own. Take what you've learned from this department, pursue excellence in everything you do, and make us proud at West Covina High School. Seniors remember that you have a family and a place always at West Covina High School you have been grafted into our makeshift Choral Department family and you always be a part of that family.


Although the year comes to an end I cannot be more excited for the prospects of the many adventures to come for next years West Covina High School Choral Department. We have a lot of amazing things in the works and we hope that you will come alongside us as we take this journey. We hope to see you next year at our first concert which is a fall concert which will take place on October 10, 2014. At this concert we in the West Covina High School choral department will have the opportunity to do a world premiere of a new musical work by the up-and-coming composer, Trevor Gomes. This is just one of the many exciting ventures that are before us and we hope that you'll journey along with us as we are looking backwards and forwards.

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